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This site is a story of Methodism Revival in Russia, in more ways than one.

It provides a personal account of one of the main characters in the story of Russian Methodism after the Revolution. It presents facts and details that have not been encountered before. It offers historical data about Methodism and how it has been a part of Russian spiritual life for over a century. It also presentes a very personal account of the events that occurred in the 1990s. It revives those events with the purpose to light up people’s passion about Methodism again, but also let them remember how it all began and which course it was meant to take.

The site revives the names of people who helped create the future of Methodism and helped shape the current presence of religion in Russia, despite all obstacles.

This site is about the story of Methodism in Russia, its revival, and creation and the first five years of life in the First United Methodist Church of Russia. Many accounts of the events of that time exist. As any single account, they are incomplete. This site attempts to fill in the blanks, revealing the details that have never been presented in their entirety, or at all – until now.