• January – American Methodist officials meet with leaders of the Russian Orthodox Church and the Soviet Peace Foundation.
  • February – Dwight Ramsey brings back another delegation to follow up with the Soviet Peace Foundation. First worship takes place in the building of the Ural’s
    Medical Institute on Lenina Prospect, thanks to Raisa Istomina.
  • June – Pavel Istomin and Lydia Istomina fly out to Shreveport, LA for the Louisiana Annual Conference.
  • September
    • 196 people are baptized
      during that visit in the building of Sverdlovsk State Philharmonic Society.
    • Dedication of the land ceremony takes place.
    • Soup Kitchen is founded.
    • Prison Ministry begins
  • December
    • 1st meeting with Naina Eltsina
    • Naina authorizes a military plane, AN-124, Ruslan, to transport humanitarian aid from American Methodists to their Russian counterparts in Ekaterinburg.