• February – the FUMC in Ekaterinburg splits and the church Return UMC (Vozvraschenie) starts with its base out of prison.
  • April – Dr. Kenneth Lutgen, Dwitgh Ramsey, and Lydia Istomina meet with Naina Eltsina and Ella Pamfilova.
  • July-August – Lydia Istomina goes to Saint Paul School of Theology to work on her Master of Divinity degree
  • October – first United Methodist Women’s conference. Lydia Istomina refuses to take her salary for six months until all pastors are paid. As a result, Lydia is presented with various accusations, ranging from embezzlement to being unprofessional. The committee gathers in New York to question Lydia in regard to the accusations. After investigation, the case is dismissed.
  • December – Lydia Istomina organizes another series of negotiations with Naina Eltsina. The First Lady is upset that the United Methodist Church chose to send humanitarian aid not through the UM church in Russia but through the organization that didn’t support the President of Russia, the Peace Foundation (Фонд Мира). Randolph Nugent tells Lydia that GBGM prepares her to become a Methodist Russian bishop some day.